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          Proxy Voting

Report on the exercise of voting rights at 2013 shareholders’ meetings
No.Type of IssuesNumber of times of voting against or abstention to vote
1Others/ Agenda without prior notice/ With no details722
2Election of Directors 
 Lack of sufficient information/ No prior notice regards name of the director.24
 Director who has attended the meeting less than 75% of meeting held.152
 No matched experience/ Disservice record/ Has other director with similar experience/Director who not received approval from previous shareholder meeting/ Being business rival/ Director who has conflict of interest.7
 Chairman, President and CEO is the same person/ Independent Director previously been a Director/ Director lack of independence.1
3Approve the munite of previous meeting. (was not a shareholder/ was not authorized/ did not attend a previous meeting)113
4Agenda for acknowledgement. (lack of sufficient information/reffered to the previous meeting)95
5Director remunerations. (lack of sufficient information/ high allowance)54
6Auditor appointment/ Auditor\'s fee/ An appointment of Auditor is exceed the SEC times limit/ Not a permitted Auditor/ No detail regard Auditor and Auditor\'s fee.52
7To consider and approve the balance sheet and financial statement of the year. (the Auditor has no comment or provide an conditional comment/ not a permitted Auditor/ lack of sufficient information)45
8Ammedment of the Memorandum/ the Article of Association.41
9Capital increase; lack of suficient information for pricing and capital proportion. (Issuing new shares, the allocation and offering price)40
10To acknowledge disputes occurred and operation of Board and management.37
11Profit allocation.36
12ESOP Offering. (Dilution effect more than 5%, price inappropriate)22
13Shares allotment. (remaining shares from existing shareholders which term of warrant was changed by the directors/ Support offers to buy/ Support the excercise of warrants)17
14Offering of the company\'s debenture. (lack of sufficient details/ unclear purpose/ raising of the Debt to Equity ratio)14
15Capital increase in property fund with price lower than the market valuation/ shares from the capital increase may cause high Dilution Effect.14
16Annual performance report.10
17Transaction with related person.9
18Dividend payment is not made inaccordance with the dividend policy.9
19Capital Reduction8
20Debt solution/ Creditor\'s claim/ Compound a debt.5
21Changes in investment patterns/ New business which not relavent to existing business.4
22To Assign director(s) to make dicision in particular matter.4
23Settlement proposal by the Debtor (lack of sufficient information/ many hair cut)4
24To approve the business plan and the estrablishment of holding company according to approved business plan. (lack of sufficient information)3
25Transfer of shares or business from another company.2
26Investment in other company which higher than the valuation/ lack of sufficient information.2
27Dividend payment. (the fund does not be paid)2
28Approve financial. (Unable to varify its accurency)2
29Issuance of warrant to purchase common stock/ shares2
30Derivertive Warrant (DW) offering. (lack of sufficient information)1
31To reslove suffering of people caused by the operation of the company.1
32To approve land lease with connected person. (the rent is too high)1
33To return warrant showing termination of director, executive or officer who has conflict of interest.1
34Authorized director who has right to amend terms/ conditions and details of the warrant of the company, has conflict of interest.1
35Issurance and offering of Taiwan Depository Receipts1
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